To ensure your Kendall Hill jewellery retains its beauty; read the below to learn how to care for your precious metal with the comprehensive after care guide below:

Caring For and Wearing Your Jewellery

  • Do not wear your jewellery whilst swimming in a chlorine pool or the sea, showering, or exercising

  • All stones are hand-set, these can be vulnerable to dirt & damage

  • Settings may also become loose over time

  • Avoid getting perfume or creams on your items, or any other liquids

  • Keep your jewellery away from humidity and high temperatures and do not leave in direct sunlight

  • Do not wear you jewellery whilst using bleach, cleaning products or other chemicals


How to Store Your Jewellery

  • Please store your jewellery in the Kendall Hill packaging provided, a soft pouch or lined box

  • Do not store jewellery together as they can rub/scratch or become entangled


Cleaning Precious Metals

  • We recommend using a polishing cloth (such as Connoisseurs) which will keep your jewellery sparkling

  • Please follow all instructions on the cleaning cloth guide

  • A Silver bath can be used to clean Sterling Silver pieces but not 18ct Yellow/Rose gold Vermeil

  • Do not use tissue to clean metal as it can be easily scratched

How to Prevent Tarnishing

  • Silver tarnishes quickly when exposed to certain common everyday actions (even light, and oxygen) so we recommend caring for, wearing and storing your jewellery as mentioned above to ensure its prolonged beauty



Nickel is a trace metal which can be found in any precious metals such as silver or gold, it is also classified as an allergen.

We do not add Nickel to Kendall Hill jewellery, however trace amounts can be found in some of the metals used in our pieces.

Although our jewellery is not harmful - please do not wear our jewellery if you are hypersensitive.